2020 86

Introducing the Hakone Edition

Inspired by one of the world’s most renowned driving roads, the Hakone Edition features exclusive Hakone Green exterior colour, 17-inch “twisted” spoke bronze wheels, and sleek black lip spoiler. The interior sports custom-fitted tan and black Alcantara seats and tan stitching around the armrest, steering wheel, gear shift lever, and emergency brake.

Vehicle Stability Control (Track Mode)

When in Track Mode, the system allows you to approach the handling limits of 86 before Vehicle Stability Control kicks in, after which the system will gently nudge you back on your desired driving line. For track days, VSC can be completely shut off, putting the driver in full control and letting you push the limits of performance.

Driving Enthusiasts Rejoice

Toyota continues its long line of iconic motorsports heritage with the 2020 86. This thrilling authentic rear wheel drive sports car blends sophisticated and modern styling with adrenaline-fuelled power and handling. Echoing the racing heritage of the Sports 800, 2000GT and the AE86, the 2020 86 epitomizes everything a true sports car should be and so much more.


Torsen® Limited Slip Differential

The Torsen® Limited Slip Differential maximizes traction by distributing power to the wheels as needed, helping you maintain traction at those key moments.

Sport Tuned Suspension and Brakes

We started with MacPherson struts upfront to maximize space and added a stiff double wishbone suspension in the rear to ensure grip and stability. And we topped it all off with four ventilated disc brakes to give you quick response and precise deceleration control.

Front Mounted Boxer Engine

Inspired by Toyota’s iconic AE86, the 86 is designed to achieve “Pure Balance.” It uses a boxer engine in a front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration. The engine’s compact size and flat shape allow it to be mounted between the front and rear-wheel axles, creating an extremely low centre of gravity. The resulting front-to-rear weight ratio enables the driver to shift load between the front and back by simply applying the accelerator or brake pedals.

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