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Drivers who are preparing their vehicle for the winter season often ask our team about the effectiveness of winter tires. What makes winter tires unique from all-season or summer tires, and are they worth it for the average driver? To educate vehicle owners about winter tires, our team here at Stouffville Toyota has put together a blog highlighting the special properties of winter tires, and why they’re worth coming in for a tire swap. 

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Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires  

Unlike all-season tires, winter tires are designed to remain flexible in the cold. These tires feature unique tread patterns that are designed to grip slick surfaces, such as snowy and icy roads. Not only do the treads feature a different pattern, but they also run deeper into the tire than all-season and summer tire treads, allowing it to more easily bite into the surface below. When traveling in winter conditions, drivers will definitely notice the difference in control. 

A forest in winter with the aurora borealis above

Why All-Season Tires Aren’t Ideal for Winter

While all-season tires, as their name suggests, are designed to last year-round, the fact remains they aren’t capable of handling the harsh cold and icy conditions of winter as well as winter tires can. In these conditions, all-season tires won’t have as great of traction on the road, and the vehicle’s handling will be less than ideal. All-season tires are built to give the vehicle an acceptable level of grip and traction in the snow, while also providing longevity and durability in warm conditions. As a result of this compromise, all-season tires aren’t able to provide the same level of control in the cold. 

Shop for Winter Tires at Stouffville Toyota

Wondering where to go to get your current tires swapped out for winter tires in the Whitchurch-Stouffville area? Stouffville Toyota, located at 1288 Millard St., is here to help. Visit our tire centre, today, to get a quote for your next set of winter tires. Our service department is also here to help drivers maintain and care for their tires, ensuring their purchased tires last as long as they can before needing to be replaced.