A stack of winter tires on a snowy road at sunset

The team here at Stouffville Toyota often receives questions regarding winter tires: Should drivers purchase winter tires if they already have all-season tires on their vehicle? What makes winter tires different from their all-season counterparts? Below, the team of vehicle experts as Stouffville Toyota has put together everything drivers need to know about winter tires and their benefits. 

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How are Winter Tires Different?  

The design of winter tires provides vehicles with greater traction, control, and performance when temperatures get cold and the roads become wet, icy, and slippery. Unlike all-season tires, winter tires are made using specialized rubber compounds that can withstand freezing temperatures. This specialized rubber allows winter tires to remain flexible at lower temperatures, giving the tires greater road grip during winter. 

A forest trail in the winter

Do Winter Tires Really Provide Greater Traction? 

The shape, depth, and design of winter tire treads are specifically made for greater traction. Compared to all-season tires, the treads on winter tires run deeper, allowing them to grip icy or snowy surfaces with greater efficiency. When driving in winter, vehicles with winter tires will provide sharper handling and a greater sense of control than those using all-season tires. 

Can I Use Winter Tires in Spring and Summer? 

Winter tires are not designed to be used during the warmer parts of the year, and will degrade at a faster rate than all-season or summer tires when the temperatures rise. As winter tires are designed specifically for snowy and icy conditions, dry road surfaces will wear down the tire. Because of this, automotive experts suggest drivers swap to all-season or snow tires once spring temperatures start to arrive and road conditions become more dry. 

Shop for Winter Tires at Stouffville Toyota

Wondering where to go for winter tire service in the Whitchurch-Stouffville area? Stouffville Toyota, located at 1288 Millard St., is here to help. Visit our tire centre, today, to get a quote for your next set of winter tires. Our service department is also here to help drivers maintain and care for their tires, ensuring they last as long as they possibly can before a replacement is needed.