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At Stouffville Toyota, we’re often asked the same question every spring: Do drivers need to swap out their winter tires? What happens if drivers choose to leave off-season tires equipped on their vehicle? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about the importance of tire swapping, and why it’s better to be timely when it comes to equipping the right set of tires for the season. 

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Why You Shouldn’t Drive with Winter Tires in Spring

Drivers who choose to use winter tires with their vehicle in spring and summer will encounter several disadvantages and risks. Winter tires are designed to drive over ice and snow, resulting in faster degradation and wear in dry conditions. Fuel efficiency may also decline, resulting in more fuel consumption than necessary. Performance will also suffer, providing less stable ride quality and less-than-ideal handling in warm weather. 

A stack of winter tires on a snowy road at sunset

When Should Drivers Swap to All-Season or Summer Tires? 

When the roads are looking clear of snow and ice and the forecast is averaging 8 degrees Celsius consistently, it’s safe to swap to summer or all-season tires. Temperatures are unlikely to fall back to below freezing at this threshold, and the transition to consistently dry road conditions will have a negative impact on your winter tires. 

Should I Get All-Season or Summer Tires? 

Similar to winter tires, summer tires are optimized for their season to deliver greater traction and performance. Summer tires take advantage of the dry road conditions to provide the vehicle with a sharper and sportier travel experience. All-season tires are perfect for drivers who want a set of tires that thrive in a variety of weather and road conditions, finding a happy medium between winter and summer tires. 

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