Winter tires on a winter road

Drivers with winter tires still equipped to their vehicle come spring and summer might be wondering how important it is to swap them out. Winter tires aren’t recommended for the warmer seasons of the year, and for good reason. Below, the team here at Stouffville Toyota has broken down everything drivers need to know about the importance of swapping out your winter tires. 

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Why Winter Tires Aren’t Ideal for Summer Driving 

Winter tires are built using unique tread patterns and rubber compounds that won’t perform as well when conditions are warm and the road is dry. All of the qualities of winter tires that make them ideal for snowy, icy trips during the winter result in worse performance and fuel economy come spring. Unfortunately, winter tires also degrade faster in warm weather, resulting in a greatly shortened lifespan for your tires. 

Should I Buy All-Season or Summer Tires? 

Wondering whether all-season or summer tires are better for you? Summer tires are the go-to choice for performance enthusiasts, who are looking for optimal handling and performance when the weather is nice and road conditions are clear. All-season tires are more versatile, providing adequate performance and traction in a wide variety of road and weather conditions. 

Why Are Tire Swaps Important? 

Swapping your tires to a new set can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel usage. Using the right tires will ensure they last as long as they possibly can and that your vehicle is receiving optimal road grip and control. Drivers can trust a team of automotive service professionals, such as the Stouffville Toyota service team, to perform their tire swap. 

Get Your Tires Swapped at Stouffville Toyota

Wondering where to go for your next tire swap in or near Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario? Stouffville Toyota, located at 1288 Millard St., is here to help. Schedule an appointment with our team of vehicle experts for your next tire swap, oil change, filter replacement, battery check, and many other types of automotive service.