Toyota Genuine Oil Filters

As engine oil circulates through your engine, the Toyota Genuine oil filter helps remove harmful particles which can damage the engine and helps to protect your engine and help to prolong its life.

What do they do?

Engine oil filters remove harmful particles from the oil, protecting your engine and prolonging its life.

Why replace them?

Oil is constantly being contaminated with carbon, moisture, blow-by gases and microscopic metallic grit.

These contaminants accumulate in the filter over time, reducing its efficiency and restricting oil flow.

When to replace?

Oil filters, along with your engine oil, should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule.

1. Check & Relief Valves:

Durable, heat-resistant rubber for long-lasting performance. Relief valve lets some oil flow even if the filter is clogged. Check valve ensures oil is ready at start-up.

2. Dual Texture Element:

Ensures effective filtration and resistance for superior performance through the filter’s life.

3. Sealing:

Uses premium gasket material and precision-machined threads for an exact fit that will not leak.

4. Element oil filter:

Element oil filters are being introduced on new Toyota vehicles as they offer the same filtration qualities as a cartridge type however reducing the use of metal helps lessen our impact on the environment.