Toyota Touch-Up Paint Pen

Why do you need it?

Repair minor scratches and nicks caused by stones and road debris.

Exposed metal can allow rust to set in and spread.

Protects your vehicle’s finish.

What is it?

A convenient, easy way to touch up minor chips and scratches in your paint finish.

Developed from acrylic polyester base and clear coat technology.

Dual, polyester fiber tip ensures easy, ultra precise application.

Why Toyota Touch-Up Paint?

The only touch-up product that offers basecoat and clear coat in a single unit.

Formulated to exactly match your Toyota’s factory paint colour code.

Contains UV protection.


  • Easy to use ergonomic pen design
  • Frost and UV resistant cartridge
  • Instruction guide included
  • One-year limited warranty

1. Polyester fiber tip:

  • Ensures ultra-precise application
  • Removable for easy clean-up
  • Prevents paint from clogging

2. Airtight pressure valve:

  • Prevents paint leakage
  • Provides consistent paint flow
  • Prevents paint from drying out