What is the Tire Installation Service?

What is the Tire Installation Service?

With Wheels: Seasonal tire changeover of tires already mounted on wheels

Without Wheels: Seasonal tire changeover includes mounting tires to existing wheels, balancing, and retorquing after about 100km.


Why should I change my tires?

Benefits:  For years, people have been installing winter tires for additional safety while out on the road. The main reason is that winter tires are manufactured with a special rubber compound, allowing the tire to continue to flex when temperatures dip (or Plummet) below 7 degrees Celsius. This helps prevent snow build-up on the tire and maintain traction on the roads. As a matter of fact, having four winter tires on your vehicle can reduce stopping distance by up to 25% or between 2 and 3 car lengths (also known as the difference between rear ending someone and stopping safely).

Just recently, there have been some incredible developments. Insurance companies (*some but not all) have begun to give a discount of approximately 5% to customers that use winter tires. So not only will you be safe and secure on the frozen tarmac, but you will also have the pleasure of pocketing a little extra greenback through the year.

Poor tire balancing and alignment can cause unnecessary wear on your vehicle. But should you get the opportunity to cruise the open road, you will want to be sure the ride is smooth. Not to mention that poor balancing and alignment can cause rattles, pulling to the side and poor fuel economy.

Why Stouffville Toyota?

Stouffville Toyota’s fully equipped Toyota service department in Whitchurch-Stouffville is your best guarantee of receiving quality maintenance and repair, detailing and collision repair service for your Toyota or other-make vehicle. Take note that we use original Toyota parts and accessories in all work we carry out.

Our factory-trained technicians can take care of all your service needs promptly and expertly. For your comfort and convenience, our modern facilities feature drive-through service! We are also a certified a “LEED Gold Certified” dealership and service center.