Why does my car need an Oil and Filter Service?

What is an Oil and Filter Service – Synthetic?

An oil change and filter replacement is one of many preventative maintenance services that help promote maximum vehicle performance while extending the life of your vehicle. Oil is responsible for lubricating the working components inside your vehicle’s engine while reducing the amount of friction between them.

Why should I get an Oil and Filter Service – Synthetic?

Benefits: Regular oil changes help to keep your engine running efficiently! Your Toyota engine has a lot of moving parts that create heat when working together. Oil allows these parts to work together effectively without overheating. Because of the high temperature inside the engine, oil begins to wear down over time and is slowly less effective at lubricating the parts inside. If the oil is left too long, it can actually become corrosive and damage your engine.

By choosing to equip your Toyota with our low-viscosity 0W-20 oil, you can expect better engine performance, improved fuel economy and reduced engine deposits from your Toyota. Thanks to the uniform lubrication and reduced friction that our specially crafted synthetic oil provides, your engine will be better protected, operate better in extreme conditions and need oil changes less frequently.

Clean oil works best and keeps your Toyota running properly and effectively.

Why Stouffville Toyota?

Stouffville Toyota’s fully equipped Toyota service department in Whitchurch-Stouffville is your best guarantee of receiving quality maintenance and repair, detailing and collision repair service for your Toyota or other-make vehicle. Take note that we use original Toyota parts and accessories in all work we carry out.

Our factory-trained technicians can take care of all your service needs promptly and expertly. For your comfort and convenience, our modern facilities feature drive-through service! We are also a certified a “LEED Gold Certified” dealership and service center.